About Mel & Mel Jones 0p3d

This is my personal and professional blog! I’ve begun blogging for professional reasons:

  • to provide a current, to-the-point voice for housing research in Virginia.
  • to be a resource for those who are working on housing topics in the field.
  • to offer research inspired, intellectual thoughts that will balance the politically oriented conversations about housing.

I’ve hosted this blog on my own, so it’s my personal blog. My thoughts, opinions, and editorials are posted here. They may represent some of your thoughts as well, or they may not. Please comment if you’d like to make your thoughts explicit.

Further, this is my personal blog because sometimes I am inspired to talk about topics in which I have little or no professional training! Hopefully, you will be able to tell which voice I am using when you read a post. I’ll categorize posts to make it a little easier, but if it’s not clear, please ask.



P.S. You can check out my professional experience/history on LinkedIn. Here’s a link to my profile.